Orand E. Parker

My name is Orand E. Parker. When I was considering rehab, I received three suggestions. I chose MediLodge of Capital Area because it was nearer my home in Lansing.
Was there any department that stood out? Why?
Yes! there were two departments, no three! The staff members were all great and I wish I could take them all home with me! But there are some people who stood out. They had a volunteer who would always drop by to make sure that I had all my pants and shirts. There was always the head of dietary who would stop by and say hi. And of course, the rehabilitation department… they were awesome…but as I said, I would take all the staff with me. The way they moved about their work, it was like a dance in a musical or movie. When It came time for me to go, I didn’t want to go without taking the whole building with me. I had a wonderful time here. I hope to come back for a visit. Blessings to all of you.

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